mixed medium

5000 square foot gallery

PBLX. is an installation done in Hammond, LA. It consists of two site-specific sculptures and a site-documenting video. The works are prototypes for a series of unlimited public art multiples also entitled PBLX.

The video, Canyon, my canyon, 2009, is a portrait of a public space. It consists of 60 one minute still shots of various locations in "the canyon." The canyon is a natural piece of land that divides two neighborhoods in a Northern California suburb.

Spacefiller, 2009, is done in collaboration with the local wooden palette manufacturer and distributer -- IFCO. One module is made from 4 wooden palettes and steel banding. This installation involved 32 modules, or 128 wooden palettes. Once Spacefiller comes down, the palettes will be returned to IFCO, re-entering the world of commerce, transportation and distribution. The series is meant to expand and contract as needed. In this installation, Spacefiller is 60' x 60' x 6'.

Finally, Skytarp, 2009, is a window plug fashioned out of wooden studs and a blue plastic tarp. It's about 5' x 10'. It casts the room in a soft blue hue.

Jocko Weyland wrote a text for the brochure.

Essay by Jocko Weyland.doc