Burgeoning Geometries


Burgeoning Geometries / Constructed Abstractions is a group exhibition which occupies both the gallery and atrium spaces at the Whitney Museum of American Art @ Altria. The other artists in the show are Diana Cooper, Tara Donovan, Jason Rogenes, Jane South and Pheobe Washburn. It was curated by Apsara DiQuinzio. 

Through the artists’ meticulous manipulation of widely divergent media the works in the exhibition become complex networks of abundant, connecting forms that delight in color, line, texture, space, mass, and volume. Visually rich and densely layered, these works are difficult to categorize by medium, as they reside in the interstices of painting, drawing, sculpture, and installation. While the works included in the exhibition remain concrete, abstract constructions, as a group they are redolent with a distinct sense of burgeoning organicism and resist containment.

Informed by the abundance of a consumer-driven economy, the artists in this exhibition remain committed to craft, labor-intensive methods, and the materials of everyday life. Whether made from cut paper, felt, discarded paint, straight pins, scrapwood, left-over Styrofoam, fluorescent lights, or cardboard, ultimately the work in this exhibition directs the viewer to the sprawling, interconnected nature of modern life.

(Soundtrack for One Third Mile, 2006, is an impovisational sound piece by BNDL (Paul Benny, Charles Goldman and James Sheehan.) 1,760 feet is 1/3 of a mile. 1/3 of a mile is the average distance around the average Manhattan block.)

New York Sun article, December 7, 2006


Soundtrack for One Third Mile (Part 1), 2006

Soundtrack for One Third Mile (Part 2), 2006

Soundtrack for One Third Mile (Part 3), 2006

Soundtrack for One Third Mile (Part 4), 2006